Desktop XL Plus

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The Perfactory Desktop XL Plus is a desktop 3D-printer with an enlarged build envelope for an unbeatable price to performance ratio. The Desktop XL Plus is the perfect choice for the small to medium sized company looking for a flexible 3D printing solution for a wide variety of applications. Changeover between materials is easy and takes only a few minutes. With the ability to run unattended 24-hour production cycle. There are no limits to geometric complexity as long as the item has been designed in a 3D CAD program and may be exported as an STL file. The machines are delivered and installed with all the relevant software to enable automatic support generation and perfect model production. Resolution and surface finish remains constant over the entire build area due to patented technology based on voxelization.

Machine Properties

Build Envelope

100 x 75 x 80 mm (3.94 x 2.95 x 3.15 in.)

XY Resolution*

71 µm (0.0028 in.)

Dynamic Voxel Resolution in Z (material dependent)

25 – 150 µm (0.0009 – 0.0059 in.)

Projector Resolution

1400 x 1050 pixels

Native Pixel Size

71 µm (0.0028 in.)

Virtual Pixel Size

36 µm (0.0014 in.)

Data Handling



1 Year Included

System Properties
  • Easy handling through pre-adjusted material modules
  • Build speed is constant through the build (material dependent)
  • Very few moving parts and minimal consumable components guarantee a strong and reliable system
  • Utilizing a built-in ethernet interface, can connect directly to a PC workstation or be integrated into a network
  • Changeover between materials is done quickly and easily
  • Footprint (L x W x H): 55 x 45 x 89 cm (21.7 x 17.7 x 35.0 in.)
  • Weight: 77.16 lbs (35 kg)


Materials Available

Flexible, holding high stress and force

closest to production grade ABS Plastic

closest to production grade ABS Plastic

3D printing for the jewelry manufacturing market

for quick 3D print molds for thermoplastic injection molding

High temperature molding material for non-metal masters

High temperature molding material for non-metal masters

extremely durable for use in high accuracy parts

fast design verification models

for robust and durable parts


robust, accurate, and functional parts

or building tough and stiff parts

for high resolution tough & stiff parts

for very high resolution tough & stiff parts

for the casting of model made on the Perfactory market


Related Printers:

P4 Standard XL

P4 Standard XL boasts the largest build size of 在EnvisionTEC’s DLP 3D打印机中,P4 Standard XL打印尺寸最大,可达5293立方厘米(323立方英寸),分辨率低至50微米(0.0020 英寸)。这款3D打印机每小时最高打印速度为25毫米(0.98英寸)(高),同时又可确保卓越的表面光洁度。

Build Envelope

192 x 120 x 180 or 230 mm (7.6 x 4.7 x 7.09 or 9.06 in.)

XY Resolution*

100 µm (0.0039 in.)

P4 Standard

P4 Standard 3D打印机适用于日用消费品和动画应用。分辨率低至42微米(0.0017英寸),打印尺寸大,可达3687立方厘米(225立方英寸),适用于任何办公环境。

Build Envelope

160 x 100 x 180 or 230 mm (6.3 x 3.9 x 7.09 or 9.06 in.)

XY Resolution*

83 µm (0.0033 in.)

Micro Plus XL

Micro Plus XL是Micro Plus系列中规格最大的机型,打印尺寸可达754,900立方毫米(46.6立方英寸),分辨率为82微米(0.003英寸)。Micro Plus XL打印速度高,可实现卓越的表面光洁度,完美适用于从教育环境到产品设计师台式机的任何应用。

Build Envelope

120 x 74 x 85 mm (4.72 x 2.95 x 3.35 in.)

XY Resolution*

82 µm (0.003 in.) in X and 105 µm (0.004 in.) in Y

Materials Available for the Desktop XL Plus Printer


具有极高柔性的类ABS打印材料,适用于Perfactory技术。ABS Flex应用范围广泛,包括要求一定弹性的卡扣件和装配应用。

ABS-tuff高级成型树脂可提供与ABS塑料相同的结构。AB-flex是一种柔性材料。EnvisionTEC ABS-tuff与AB-flex 3D 打印材料是与生产级ABS塑料最相似的成型树脂。

EnvisionTEC’s new E-Tool material allows manufacturers to 3D print molds for thermoplastic injection molding quickly and efficiently. It is ideal for low volume production runs or for the creation of multiple iterations of a mold during the prototyping phase..

该材料具有更高的直接熔模铸造性。EnvisionTEC创新直接熔模铸造材料Easy Cast EC500适用于 Perfactory、Aureus®和珠宝模型制造商。EC500的打印效果提高了30%,并具有显著提高的铸造能力,将为您在珠宝制造市场中提供竞争优势。



该材料具有极高耐用性聚合物的最新突破,适用于EnvisionTEC 3D打印机打印高精度和高精细零件。该材料还具有高稳定性和表面质量,可打印与热塑性塑料相似的高抗冲击性零件。

EnvisionTEC quick building QView 树脂适用于提供快速设计验证模型。这种全新材料具有超高打印速度,每小时可打印尺寸为1英寸的完整构件。因此,设计师可及时将其定制设计作品交付到给客户,以进行最终匹配和设计验证。该材料还可用于打印高分辨率模型,以创建硅胶模具。


R5 and R11 3D printing materials are a liquid photopolymer that produces robust, accurate, and functional parts. Exhibits superior fatigue properties, strong memory retention, and high quality up-facing and down-facing surfaces. Offering a good balance of properties between rigidity and functionality. Parts that mimic polypropylene. Ideal for master patterns in rubber molding applications.

Accurate and functional resin for producing robust and durable parts. R5 Gray 3D Printer Material is a liquid, photo-reactive acrylate with a wide processing latitude, which is used to produce parts with high quality up-facing and down-facing surfaces.

EnvisionTEC’s RC31 is a high temperature resistant resin for building tough and stiff parts. It can be processed on all Perfactory products from EnvisionTEC. RC31 is a nanoparticle-filled material that is used to build hard-wearing, stiff and high temperature-resistant parts with an opaque peach color appearance.

EnvisionTEC RC70耐高温树脂用于打印高分辨率韧性和刚性构件。RC70是一种纳米颗粒填充材料,用于打印硅胶模具所用的耐磨、刚性和耐高温件。

EnvisionTEC RC90耐高温树脂用于打印高分辨率韧性和刚性构件。RC30是一种纳米颗粒填充材料,用于打印硅胶模具所用的耐磨、刚性和耐高温件。

EnvisionTEC WIC100G树脂适用于在Perfactory打印模型铸造。其纳米蜡含量可确保纯净的烘模效果,并具有稳定的最高精细度。该材料适用于所有EnvisionTEC Perfactory 3D打印机。