3D Printing 101 — Stay Flat and Parallel

Tray-diagram-cover-232x300  In an effort to shortcut the cost of making a 3D printer, some low-cost 3D printer manufacturers offer bouncy material trays that don’t allow for a consistent exposure layer.

Essentially, these printers leave their customers, often first-time users of 3D printing technology, building parts on a trampoline: a flexible film that can bounce both up and down during build projects.

This cost-saving shortcut can significantly distort part accuracy and surface finish. It also increases the chances of a print failure, where the printed object doesn’t stick to the build plate.

Learn more in this white paper about why EnvisionTEC, with 15 years of experience in inventing and making 3D printers, invests so heavily in its material tray, which is made of optical glass and a machined aluminum frame, to deliver superior print quality and reliability.


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