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消除设计过程中的高成本工具设计,使设计师专注于创建更轻质结构、提高效率、减少排放和其它重要因素。EnvisionTEC 3D打印机可采用不同机械和材料打印原型和生产件。

3D Printers for the 航空3D打印机 Industry

The EnvisionTEC PCA 100 is a post-curing apparatus for the final hardening and strengthening of photopolymer parts that were 3D printed. This unit features 36 LEDs that deliver light in the 390 – 420 nm wavelength range. The PCA 100 is ideal for applications in jewelry, dental, and the hearing aid industries. Using a post curing apparatus as a final step results in higher strength and stability and also ensures a thorough cure, which is critical for parts destined for direct casting.

The PCA 100 also features an automatic rotating turntable, allowing for optimal uniformity in curing. A digital display control panel provides simple and user-friendly operation and a buzzer alerts the user of the completion of the curing process.

The PCA 2000 Parts Curing Apparatus is the ideal solution for post-curing parts that have been 3D printed using cDLM or DLP technologies.

Perfect for a wide variety of 3D printing applications, the Envision One cDLM is capable of printing up to 80 mm/hour, material dependant.

这是唯一一台使用真正的4M投影仪,UV光源波长达385nm的DLP 3D打印机。为了得到极高的表面光洁度,P4K使用人工智能(AI)进行像素调谐后,给3D打印带来新一代先进的DLP技术。

EnvisionTEC PPS DLP EU有助保护高价值 3D 打印机及其打印工作,用于防止Micro Plus和Vida 3D打印机产生电压波动、断电和其它噪音问题,并提供稳定的能源。

Designed for use with the Perfactory and Vector 3SP families of 3D printers, the EnvisionTEC Power Protection System (PPS) DLP is ensures that voltage fluctuations and power outages don’t disrupt the 3D printing process.

ULTRA 3SP和Xtreme 3SP专用紫外光固化箱是一种紫外泛光灯,用于紫外光敏固化树脂的后处理,适用于工业、牙科、医疗等应用。

The Parts Washing Apparatus is a convenient tool to assist in cleaning any uncured resin from 3D printed models.  The convenient removable basket allows for ease of use when dipping or extracting objects from the tank.

ULTRA 3SP HD可提供与原始ULTRA 3SP相同的卓越的表面光洁度和速度,但另外还具有超高的50微米(0.002英寸) 分辨率。

Vector 3SP可提供卓越的表面光洁度和速度,打印尺寸可达30,316立方厘米(1850立方英寸),可打印从概念模型到功能件的任何物体,分辨率为100微米(0.004英寸)。

Vector Hi-Res 3SP可打印尺寸达30,316立方厘米(1850立方英寸),分辨率为50.8微米(0.002英寸)的大型零件。具有光滑表面光洁度的高精细零件使Vector Hi-Res 3SP成为各种不同应用的理想选择。

Xtreme 3SP具有打印尺寸大和高速的特点,是汽车和航空服务机构或原始设备制造商的理想选择。分辨率为100微米(0.004英寸),可提供卓越的表面光洁度,打印尺寸可达29,497立方厘米(1800立方英寸)。

Xede 3SP是EnvisionTEC最大的3SP打印机,可打印卓越品质的原型和生产件,打印尺寸可达95,045立方厘米(5800 立方英寸),分辨率为100微米(0.004英寸)。

SLCOM 1是当今市场上首款也是唯一一款热塑编织增强复合材料打印机,打印尺寸可达762 x 610 x 610毫米(30 x 24 x 24英寸) ,适用于航空、汽车和很多其它应用。

EnvisionTEC PPS DLP有助保护高价值 3D 打印机及其打印工作,用于防止Micro Plus和Vida 3D打印机产生电压波动、断电和其它噪音问题,并提供稳定的能源。

ULTRA 3SP完美适用于各种消费品与汽车应用,分辨率为100微米(0.004英寸),打印尺寸可达9013立方厘米(550立方英寸)。

3D Printing Materials for the 航空3D打印机 Industry

EnvisionTEC‘s ABS Flex White 是一种具有极高柔性的类ABS 3D打印材料,适用于技术。ABS Flex White应用范围广泛,包括要求一定弹性的卡扣件和装配应用。

This advanced, engineering-grade material delivers large castable patterns and functional prototypes with best-in-class accuracy and surface finish. FormCast is formulated for use on EnvisionTEC's 3SP family of printers.

E-RigidForm is a polyurethane-like resin that 3D prints strong, hard and stiff parts that can be used for prototypes and end use.   Available in translucent amber, gray and black, E-RigidForm has high tensile strength (68-73 MPa) that compares with acrylic, nylon 6 and polycarbonate.  It also delivers good heat deflection and water resistance. With a hardness value of Shore D 87, the same value as a cast urethane plastic, E-RigidForm is a versatile and tough material that is ideal for a wide range of industrial and consumer applications.

E-Rigid PU is a polyurethane-like resin that 3D prints end-use and prototype parts that compete with injection molded plastics.  Available in black, natural and white, E-Rigid PU is hard and stiff but also maintains good strength, marked by flexibility and impact resistance. With a Shore D hardness values similar to the value as a cast urethane plastic, E-Rigid PU is a versatile and tough material. It is also an excellent solution for 3D printing dental diagnostic waxups.

EnvisionTEC E-Poxy是一种部分生物性、高韧性和双固化材料,可打印高强度薄壁成品。E-Poxy具有良好的柔性、硬度和耐热性,因此,除其它物体外,也适用于打印连接件。

E-Tool 2.0 is filled with Barium Borosilicate Glass, known for its heat and chemical resistance, to deliver injection molds that can withstand high heat and pressure. Combined with EnvisionTEC’s 3D printing technologies, E-Tool 2.0 delivers highly accurate tooling with an exceptionally smooth surface finish.

R5-385 material is an update on the original R5 material, one of EnvisionTEC's earliest materials still in use around the world, re-engineered for optimal performance in 3D printers utilizing 385nm wavelength light sources.

ABS Hi-Impact 3SPE-Model 3SP是一种韧性材料,适用于打印汽车和日用消费品等类型产品零件的高品质原型,也适用于生产级质量的成品件。