ABS Flex White 3SP

EnvisionTEC‘s ABS Flex White 3SP is an extremely flexible ABS-like 3D printing material for 3SP technology. ABS Flex White 3SP  is an ideal solution for a wide variety of applications including snap-fit items and assembly applications which require some elasticity. It is a tough material, suitable for high quality prototypes of items in categories such as automotive and consumer goods as well as stable enough for production-quality end use parts. ABS Flex White 3SP is ideal for any application which requires a material capable of holding high stress and force. It is also capable of very high speed builds, allowing for large models to be built in under a day without sacrificing its exceptional surface quality. ABS Flex White 3SP  3D Printer Material is an excellent choice for use in the following applications: Aerospace, Animation and Entertainment, Architecture and Art, Automotive, Consumer Packaged Goods, Education, Electronics, Manufacturing, Sporting Goods, Toys.

Physical Properties

Tensile Strength

65 MPa

Tensile Modulus

1772 MPa

Elongation at Break


Flexural Strength

108 MPa

Flexural Modulus

2543 MPa


765 cP at 30°C

Recommended Machines

Related Materials:


具有极高柔性的类ABS打印材料,适用于Perfactory技术。ABS Flex应用范围广泛,包括要求一定弹性的卡扣件和装配应用。

EnvisionTEC E-Appliance 3SP 3D打印材料适用于3D打印牙齿矫正模型。E-Appliance是一种特殊设计的纳米填充树脂,可完美配用聚乙烯醇隔膜和锡箔取代物,采用“黑白相间”技术打印牙齿矫正器械。

EnvisionTEC ABS 3SP White材料是一种快速增长的韧性材料,与ABS塑料具有相似特性。ABS 3SP White打印快速,表面处理方便。

EnvisionTEC ABS 3SP Tough是一种具有极高韧性的类ABS 3D打印材料,适用于3SP技术。ABS 3SP Tough应用范围广泛,包括要求一定弹性的卡扣件和装配应用。