PolyPro MAX 3SP®

PolyPro MAX 3SP is a tough and flexible photopolymer representation of polypropylene specially designed for 3D printing utilizing EnvisionTEC’s 3SP technology. It is well suited for a wide variety of engineering applications such as snap- t parts, automotive components, living hinges, and many other uses requiring a high degree of resilience. Coupled with the smooth surface finish 3SP technology offers, PolyPro MAX 3SP is an excellent choice in 3D printing materials for many prototype and end-use model printing.


Physical Properties

Tensile Strength

48 MPa

Tensile Modulus

2040 MPa

Elongation at Break (post cured 5 min x 2)


Flexural Strength

67 MPa

Flexural Modulus

1750 MPa


46 J/m

HDT at 1.82 MPa


Hardness, D Scale



530 cP @ 30°C

Recommended Machines