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Materials for Dental use

E-SepFree is easy to release when directly building orthodontic appliances as it does not require a separator. It is also easy to carve when hand contouring contact areas, opening interproximals, and much more.

E-Rigid PU is a polyurethane-like resin that 3D prints end-use and prototype parts that compete with injection molded plastics.  Available in black, natural and white, E-Rigid PU is hard and stiff but also maintains good strength, marked by flexibility and impact resistance. With a Shore D hardness values similar to the value as a cast urethane plastic, E-Rigid PU is a versatile and tough material. It is also an excellent solution for 3D printing dental diagnostic waxups.

E-OrthoShape is a grey ABS-like material that prints in 100 micron layers.  It is recommended for the affordable volume production of models on which to produce clear thermoformed aligners by orthodontic professionals.

EnvisionTEC’s E-Guide Tint is a biocompatible certified Class I material, developed for the production of high precision surgical drill guides for use in implant surgery. The results produced by combining E-Guide Tint with EnvisionTEC technology are superior to traditional methods of manufacturing implant placement guides.

EnvisionTEC's E-Denture 3D+ material is an FDA-approved, biocompatible Class IIa material suitable for 3D-printing all types of denture bases.


EnvisionTEC E-Dent 400打印材料是经过美国食品药品管理局认可的、适用于精确3D打印长期性临时牙冠和牙桥的解决方案。

E-IDB 3D打印材料可打印间接粘结托槽,确保牙齿矫正支架的精确定位和释放。



E-Guard是一种生物兼容性透明材料,适用于在Perfactory®系列3D打印机上打印高精度牙合板和牙套。 采用E-Guard与EnvisionTEC技术打印的牙合板和牙套质量优于传统制造方法。该材料透明,具有最高的可见度。