EC3000 M

EnvisionTEC’s innovative direct investment casting material, Easy-Cast EC3000 M for use on the Micro 3D printers. This easy to cast material has 3 times more wax than any polymer based material, including EC500 M. It does not boil during burnout, a leading cause of porosity during casting among competitive products. It also reproduces very high crisp detail not achievable by any other wax-like castable product on the market today. EC3000 M is the answer you have been waiting for to give you a competitive advantage for investment casting without any porosity or metal flashing in the jewelry and industrial part manufacturing market. EC3000 has negligible ash content on complete burnout which makes it cast as easily as any injection wax pattern.

Key Features
» Crisp detail with super smooth surfaces

» Achieve superior surface quality for your metal investment castings by using EC3000 M in combination with most investment powders.

» Negligible material expansion during burnout

» Porosity-free castings due to clean, ash-free burnout

» Formulated for investment casting of heavy wall thicknesses in precious and nonprecious metals.

Recommended Machines