EC500 M

EnvisionTEC’s innovative direct investment casting material, Easy-Cast EC500 M for use on the Perfactory® Micro Plus Hi-Res and Perfactory® Micro Plus Advantage 3D Printers. With 30% faster build times and dramatically improved casting abilities, EC500 M is the answer you have been waiting for to give you a competitive advantage in the jewelry manufacturing market. The EC500 M material produces the highest resolution with the crispest detail without sacrificing speed and accuracy. EC500 M has a melting point of 250 degrees C, and zero ash content on complete burnout which makes it cast as easily as any injection wax pattern.

Key Features
» Improved speed when compared to PIC and WIC series – 4.5 seconds at 25 microns versus 7.5 seconds

» Crisp detail with super smooth surfaces

» Faster post curing times – less than 10 minutes

» Opaque yellow to show fine feature details

» Achieve superior surface quality for your metal investment castings by using EC500 in combination with most investment powders.

Recommended Machines