PIC 100 C

EnvisionTEC PIC100 C resin has been developed specifically for use on the Micro Plus cDLM’s patented continuous technology. Like the best-selling PIC 100 for EnvisionTEC’s Perfactory and Micro families of 3D printers, PIC 100 C’s application is for the direct investment casting of products for the jewelry market. With a crisp, hard surface finish, PIC 100 C is ideal for fine detail items such as micro pave and pierced filigrees. It offers excellent burn out properties and evaporates at moderate burn out temperatures without reacting with your investment. It offers an extremely low thermal expansion and is optimally suitable for producing precious metal castings.

The burn out process is ash free, allowing for a casting which is free from porosity, a problem which is a result of the ash residue when burning a polymer based material.

Highest quality details, a standard burn out procedure, and exceptionally high speed building with EnvisionTEC’s Micro cDLM distinguish PIC100 C resin as the top choice for producing high quality jewelry parts for production capacity direct investment casting.

Physical Properties


361.7 mPa (ASTM Method DIN 1342-2)

Tensile Strength

16.8 MPa (ASTM Method DIN EN ISO 527-1)

Elongation at Break

7.46 % (ASTM Method DIN EN ISO 527-1)

Flexural Strength

23.0 MPa (ASTM Method DIN EN ISO 178)

Flexural Modulus

404.0 MPa (ASTM Method DIN EN ISO 178)

Bending Strain

10.2 % (ASTM Method DIN EN ISO 178)

Izod Impact-Notched

11.03 kJ/m2 (ASTM Method DIN EN ISO 180)


1.178 g/cm3 (ASTM Method DIN ISO 1183-1)

Hardness (Shore D)

69 Shore (ASTM Method DIN EN ISO 868)

Ignition Temperature

350 °C (ASTM Method DIN 53765)

Recommended Machines

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快速打印QView M树脂适用于提供快速设计验证模型。这种全新材料具有超高打印速度,每小时可打印尺寸为1英寸的完整构件。因此,设计师可及时将其定制设计作品交付到给客户,以进行最终匹配和设计验证。

EnvisionTEC PIC100 M树脂打印件采用适中烘模温度即可烘干,不会与熔模发生反应,并具有极低的热膨胀性。该材料完美适用于生产硅金属铸件,可提供极高的表面光洁度。