• Previewed at LMT Lab Day in 2016, E-Gum creates flexible gingiva masks for integration into 3D printed dental models.


EnvisionTEC’s E-Gum material is a 3D printing solution to create flexible gingival masks for use in combination with 3D printed dental models.  This material simulates the flexibility of the patient’s gum in order to adjust dental prostheses properly.  A gingival mask used during the fabrication of crowns and bridges allows for precise reproduction of the gingival margin, ensuring perfect fit and a natural aesthetic of the finished product.  E-Gum is a non-medical product used only for manufacturing flexible parts on 3D printed dental models and intended exclusively for professional dental work.

Physical Properties

Brookfield viscosity at 23°C

1.1 – 1.6 Pa's

Elongation at break


Relative density

1.05 – 1.20

Colors available

RES-01-3019 Pink