E-Shell® 300系列

The EnvisionTEC E-Shell 300 series has been designed especially for applications in the Hearing Aid industries and is distinguished for rigidity and durableness. The material is used on Perfactory UV machines only. EnvisionTEC E-Shell 300 is a liquid, photo-reactive acrylate for building functional parts. It is CE certified and Class-IIa biocompatible according to ISO 10993 (Medical Product Law) for Hearing Aid shells and otoplastics. They are tough, opaque, water- and perspiration-resistant and available in several different transparent tones like water clear, rosé clear, red, and blue.

→ E-SHELL Instructions for creation of HEARING AID SHELLS and/or EARMOLDS


Key Features
» Tough function prototypes

» Appearance models with minimal finishing

» Durable concept models with high cross linkage

» High humidity environment applications

» RTV patterns

» Water resistant applications

» Hearing aid devices manufacturing

Physical Properties


339.8 mPa*s (ASTM Method DIN 1342-2)

Tensile Strength

51.6 MPa (ASTM Method DIN EN ISO 527-1)

Elongation at Yield

6.62 % (ASTM Method DIN EN ISO 527-1)

Bending Strain

8.43 % (ASTM Method DIN EN ISO 178)

Flexural Modulus

1,920 MPa (ASTM Method DIN EN ISO 178)

Flexural Strength

88.4 MPa (ASTM Method DIN EN ISO 178)

Izod Impact – Notched

4.99 kJ/m2 (ASTM Method DIN EN ISO 180)


1.185 g/cm3 (ASTM Method DIN ISO 1183-1)

Hardness (Shore D)

85 Shore (ASTM Method DIN EN ISO 868)

Glass Transmission Temperature

86 °C – 160 °C (ASTM Method D570-98)