E-TruSil is the first true light curable silicone specifically designed for prototyping via cDLM additive manufacturing. It is a low viscosity yet high performance silicone that upon exposure to light, cures into a tough silicone elastomer.  E-TruSil is available in two variations with Shore A values of 50 and 70, with three colors available in each variation – Clear, White, and Black.  It is intended for use in 3D prototyping where the self-leveling characteristics of speed of cure and low shrinkage are key properties of the application.

Key Features
Technology: cDLM 3D Resin

Appearance: Available in Clear, White, Black

Chemical Type: Silicone

Odor: Mild

Cure: UV/Visible Light

Viscosity: Low

Flow Characteristic: Self-leveling, Newtonian fluid

Applications: Prototyping, hearing aid, medical device, end use products

Specific Benefits:

  • Elastomer
  • Adhesion between layers
  • Low shrinkage
  • Short exposure time
Physical Properties

Hardness, Shore A

49 – 70

Tensile Strength (N/mm2)

3.9 – 9.1

Modulus @ 50% Elongation (N/mm2)

2.0 – 5.6

Elongation at Break (%)


Recommended Machines