3D Printing Technology Transforming Dentistry

The Huffington Post | Feb. 9, 2017  ~ The next time you go to the dentist or orthodontist in need of a night guard, braces or a crown, chances are increasingly good that you won’t have to get a gooey impression and wait a few weeks for your appliance or restoration.

Instead, Sarah Webster, EnvisionTEC’s global marketing director writes in the Huffington Post, the dentist may wave a digital wand in your mouth to scan your teeth and email a digital file to a printer in the office or a dental lab, where your parts will be 3D printed in FDA-approved materials directly to fit your mouth. A custom night guard these days could take all of 45 minutes.

That’s because the hottest market right now in the 3D printing industry is actually the dental market, where more than $4 billion in prosthetic, orthodontic and other dental parts are made each year.

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