Doug Statham

Director, Dental Channel

Dental Industry Upgrading to 3D Printing Now —

If Doug Statham knows anything, it’s dental technology and digital workflows.

Doug has been working with dental professionals for more than a decade, starting in 1999 when he worked for Nobel Biocare, the largest dental implant company in the world, and helped launch the first commercially available surgical guides.

“Today, that product is a staple,” Doug said.

He went on to work at Keystone Dental and Zahn Dental Labs, a division of Henry Schein, where he helped dental professionals navigate an exploding world of digital technologies, from intraoral scanners to 5-axis milling machines.

“I’m passionate about all the digital technologies in dentistry,” Doug said. “I personally look at myself as somebody who is a technology resource for my customers. I like guiding people to become state-of-the-art, helping them integrate technology into their business model.”

In 2014, that passion drew him to EnvisionTEC — largely because of the 3D printing technology and materials available.

“I thought it was an innovative company and a technology that is going to lead the way in dentistry,” Doug said. “I still believe that.”

Today, 3D printing technology is changing the face of dentistry, Doug said, making it more predictable and affordable. It’s also reshaping the roles of professionals and who is doing what in the supply chain.

Just take aligner technology, once in the exclusive domain of orthodontists and manufacturers. “Now, we can do that in a matter of hours or days, and you can do it all in-house,” Doug said, noting that even general practitioners can make aligners with today’s software and 3D printers. Patient treatment times have been reduced significantly.”

The thing Doug likes best about helping dental customers understand technology is the relationships he builds with them.

“I like it primarily because of the customers,” Doug said. “We are a resource, to help them advance their business.”