Ziyan Lin

Process Control Engineer

An Overseas Journey to 3D Printing —

Growing up in China, Ziyan knew he had a passion for hands-on mechanical work and new technologies.

“I found that mechanical engineering was an interesting field to me and decided to pursue a degree in that area,” said Ziyan.

Ziyan attended the School of Mechanical Engineering at Xi’an Jiaotong University, graduating in 2012 with his bachelors degree.

“After graduating, I wanted to pursue my masters and came to the U.S. to continue my education in mechanical engineering,” said Ziyan. “I was looking forward to what was in store for me in a new country.”

While at Drexel University, a private institution in Philadelphia, Ziyan found a new subject that fascinated him as he was studying for a masters of science in mechanical engineering.

“At Drexel, I took a position as a research assistant and had an opportunity to work in a biomems lab. It was that moment, I was introduced to a world of 3D printing,” said Ziyan.

Upon graduating in 2012 from Drexel, Ziyan went on to work in other fields, but ultimately his new-found passion led him back to the 3D printing industry.

“I tried different fields, but 3D printing was a hot area and I wanted to head in that direction,” said Ziyan. “The innovation of 3D printing creates an easier method to bring products to market faster and help consumers in the medical field overcome some difficulties.”

Hired at EnvisionTEC in 2014 as a process control engineer, Ziyan now can incorporate two things he loves – building a connection to real life and people’s ideas and doing so with 3D printing.

“I really like this field. Ideas come to real life utilizing 3D printing,” said Ziyan. ” To me the technology is still young, and with the progress that has been made thus far I really see a bright future with 3D printing as we move forward sharing the knowledge and collaborating as a whole.”

Ziyan is leading his team at EnvisionTEC to deliver research and development, 3D print material testing, allocating 3D printing plans and resources as well as working on the 3SP large frame 3D printers.

“My position is really important and I enjoy working with customers and the team to come up with solutions,” said Ziyan. “One of my biggest responsibilities is coordinating with Germany, Canada and California for R&D to map out plans, correct issues, and report data to senior management.”

Ziyan knows the impact of his role at EnvisionTEC and takes his involvement in the development of strategies for 3D products and services seriously.

“It’s important to know what it takes to bring a successful 3D printer or it’s materials to market,” Ziyan said.

“I’ve seen so much growth since I’ve been with EnvisionTEC and I know that things will only get better as the technology evolves and we continue to create and inspire the industry,” he added.