Actor Luke Wilson Comes to Detroit, Knocks Over EnvisionTEC Micro

(photo courtesy of Taylor Williams/Reel FX)

Shinola-support-capture-300x300  Our 3D printers can sure take a licking!

Actor Luke Wilson (of Old School and Anchorman fame) came to Detroit as part of a gig with Shinola, the Detroit luxury-goods company.

And he promptly knocked over an EnvisionTEC Micro, a highly accurate and fast desktop printer used by Shinola—as well as companies big and small who make jewelry, dental parts, toys and lots more.

Greg from Shinola promptly brought the awesome printer to EnvisionTEC’s corporate headquarters in metro Detroit, right down the street, and our world-class technical support team was able to get the machine up and running (innovating) asap.

Below, see more on Wilson’s visit, with Shinola’s full 360 VR tour here.