Medical 3D Printing: The State of Viable Materials

Medical Design Technology | March 23, 2017 ~ In “Medical 3D Printing: The Current State of Viable Materials,” 3Diligent offers perspective about the various materials used in medical 3D Printing, including aqueous solutions/bioinks, polymers, low-temperature polymers, high-temperature polymers, thermostat polymers and metals.


Peter Denmark, Director of Sales, Americas, for EnvisionTEC

Peter Denmark of EnvisionTEC talks about why a time- and cost-saving measure 3D printed surgical guides have been to the medical sector.

“When you consider that an hour in the OR may cost $15,000, saving just a few minutes can drive some very meaningful efficiency savings,” Denmark told the publication.

Bills, he added, are being reviewed in Congress that may facilitate increased insurance coverage for such prints, which would accelerate adoption of the technology in hospital environments. The frontier seems to be multi-material printing in the thermosets world.


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