Matt Moser

Lead Prototype and Senior DLP Technician

From Machinist to 3D Printing Expert —

Growing up in the metro Detroit area, Matt Moser was immersed in machinery.

“I grew up around machinists and picked up machining pretty quickly,” said Moser. “It was so much information that I couldn’t put it on any resume.”

A graduate of ITT Technical Institute, Matt Moser started off at a mom & pop shop working on blue printing, design work, tooling and more.

“I spent quite some time working at the shop and really enjoyed it,” said Moser. “After working there for a while, the shop ended up closing its doors after they lost their contract with the Big Three. So, I decided to go back to school and work in culinary.”

While working in the culinary field, Matt was driven to work his way up the ladder to a 5-star dining restaurant.

“At that time, I was looking to become a chef,” said Moser. “I worked hard at it and made my way into a 5-star restaurant. But I knew that wasn’t for me after I was in that position. I wanted something else that challenged me.”

Matt finished his associates degree in CAD from ITT Tech in 2011. While attending classes there he was introduced to a 3D printing company by the career services department.

“I received a call about a position at EnvisionTEC – a company that provided 3D printers and materials,” said Moser. “At the time, I had no idea what 3D printing was.”

During Matt’s first phone interview, he learned about the position in detail and found that 3D printing was the new challenge he was seeking.

“I decided to take the position because I saw it as an opportunity to grow and a challenge that could be fulfilling.”

In his first year with EnvisionTEC, Matt was in a hybrid position in charge of benchmarks, working in customer support and multi-tasking in all departments. He also assisted Bill Lewtin with tripling jewelry 3D printer sales in his first year with the company.

“As I’ve grown with the company, I’ve had the opportunity to work through various challenges and find ways to come up with solutions,” said Moser.

Matt has been with Envision for five years and sees a long-lasting career as the company’s Lead Prototype Technician and Senior Technical & Applications Technician for EnvisionTEC’s DLP based systems.

“What I like about EnvisionTEC is that every day is different,” said Moser. “The company is at the forefront of technology and that’s a part of my personal mission statement – always to think outside the box and rise above limitations.”

Matt is always on the move working hands-on with customers and teaching them about EnvisionTEC 3D print materials and machinery.

“3D printing is a great field, where nothing is impossible. I’ve experienced a lot of things that I would not have had the opportunity to if I didn’t take the position.”